Get to know about TODA-Tribe in Ooty

Everyone living a kind of contemporary life.No clue about tribes, their life story, culture, habitats, and customs. Here is the chronicle about tribes.

Life story of TODA

Why are they baptized as TODAS? TODAS live in small groups in the Nilgiri plateau. TODAS HOUSE-TODAS live in small tent or hut like houses referred as ‘mund’. They are built of bamboo fastened with rattan and thatched roof. Thicker bamboo canes are arched to give the hut its basic pent shape. Dried grass is mounded over a roof. Initially, they coexisted with other local community people like badgas,kota and kurumba. But later they isolated from them, because of ‘detestation of their appearance, customs, attire by other community people’. They make money from rearing Buffalo, trading with Nilgiri neighbor people.

TODAS wear a single piece of cloth like wrapping up around their body like ‘Shalya’ over a dhoti. TODAS are vegetarians as they eat dairy products like butter, cheese, milk etc, staple rice and curries. TODAS MARRIAGE-They practiced fraternal polyandry, which is now dwindling. If has a family has two brothers, toda woman who is getting married to that family would become a wife for two brothers of that family. One of the husbands who is arranged to perform the ceremony of giving bow and arrow to a child becomes the father when a child is born. When the next child is born, another husband performs the duties and thus becomes a father.

While visiting Ooty, done forget to visit and explore about these tribe people. Also, you can see there, an occupational and cultural transformation of todas where speaking broken English.

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Wanna chill out in summer solstice? Yes, Here is the right place for you

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We might have come across many hillocks and garths notwithstanding Udhagamandalam  pare down as Udhagai and Ooty has its own tranquil beauty.ooty is immensely beautiful hill station located in Nilgiri hills and it is located 80 km north of Coimbatore.ooty is kind of a place where anyone can plan to trip at the spur-of-the-moment since it let you have marvelous exploration from door to door.Well, journey point of udhagai indicates you with chill air caressing over you and spinning through hair-pin bend roads.This is quite a bit lengthy blog, take a while to explore about ooty.As a scribbler, rather am perplexed on set about of this blog.

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Ooty has a lot of magnificent places though, people always love to stop by the flower garden.Eye-catching vibrant colored roses.Every year government of ooty organizes a 3 days flower show, carnivals during amidst of May month.During this annual event showcases flower, spice, vegetable in various incredible manifestation.more than 15000 potted plants and various flowers like Asiatic and oriental lilies, tulip, French marigolds, chrysanthemums etc.Also imported carnations from various countries like Italy, tulip from Holland etc.This annual event is a feast for visitors eye though it exhibits a replica of hornbill, its commonly found in Nilgiris, a classical dancer who pays tribute to arts and culture, Mahabalipuram Shore Temple etc.replicas are carnated with thousands of colorful roses, fruits, vegetables.

Also, remember to drop by Honey & Bee Museum, thread garden, and Sim’s Park.Honey and Bee Museum in Ooty was started as a novel project by an NGO, Keystone Foundation. Museum provides knowledge about autochthonous honey bees, how honey is harvested.There are a various specimen, tools, as well as traditional and modern live demonstration units of bees in this museum. These specimen and tools are basically used for honey gathering and bee-keeping.

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Exclusive spot for bird watchers, trekkers, and camper.Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Mukurthi National Park, Deer Park, Bellikal, Masinagudi, pine forest, Doddabetta Peak, dolphins nose.If one has immaculate itinerary he could pay a visit to all the mentioned sites.The Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary also referred as tiger reserve located in the northwestern side of Blue Mountains. The sanctuary is divided into five ranges with boundaries expanded across Karnataka and Kerala states.– Masinagudi, Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi, and Nellakota.this is a place for endangered and vulnerable species.Bellikal is small village situated on the plateau of can sit and enjoy the scenic beauty, see sunset and sunrise at the Bison Valley.Bellikal is on ethe low budget places especially appropriate for weekend gateways.Next, comes pine forest is Kollywood filming spot.This area is a steep slope downhill forested with lots of pine trees.there is a beautiful lake with an amazing view at the extremity of swaying forest.The slope is slippery to climb up.

As I stated earlier, Wait for a while to sense more about ooty in my next blog.

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Coorg – Paradise for tourist

 Coorg photos, Karnataka villages, hanging bridge, coorg forests

Coorg or Kodagu is one of the favoured holiday village in Karnataka.It lies In the southwestern part of the  Western Ghats in malanad territory sited 900 meters to 1715 meters above sea level.Kodagu is widely spreaded with grandeur thick woods,lush forests,great green and grassy dales  nestled with paddy fields and abounding trees, snow-capped rangy mountains, green coffee and tea plantations with carefully manicured hedgerows.The road continues to wind up the hill.Roses, bougainvilleas and marigolds blooming with full of vim and vigor.legendary river Kaveri  takes birth from Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu,this place is referred as Talakaveri (head of Kaveri).  It starts from a small spring (kundike – pond), gathering body as it courses downhill.It is joined by two tributaries ‘Kanake’ and ‘Sujyoti’.  The confluence of these three rivers takes place in Bhagamandala.

தொடர்புடைய படம்

Dakshina Kannada, Hassan and Mysore in Karnataka state, together with such other members from Kerala, Wayanad and Kannur area, which is the place of choice to go for the weekend stroll.Coorg Region has an ancient charm, the quiet, peaceful cities.Bespeak a resort or hotels to make a stay and take pleasure in with the picturesque of kodagu.It is always awe-inspiring to sojourn in the amidst of green plantation,birds tweets and peeps will wake you up and your taste buds will be hankering to taste coorg’s best savoured coffee.
Recreations and places of interest   

Old-world coorg with variety of historical castles,citadels, ancient temples, parks, waterfalls and scenic sanctuaries and sites are there make visitors to perceive the magnificent beauty.The water stream from Kaveri river makes an elegant fall from Abbey Falls, the reserve falls and mallalli waterfall, matikeri Castle, the seat of the king, and katike nalanatu palace (King’s tomb).Enjoy the best waterfall bathing experience,sizzling fish saute and locale savouries of kodagu.Pakamantala major places in this area of ??spiritual, Tibetan Golden Temple, Temple and Talakaveri omkaresvara found such places.If you love undertaking adventurous pursuits then go with rock Climbing, golf, bait fishing, coracle ride.

Coorg places க்கான பட முடிவு

One more offbeat place for adventure is going jungle trip.Travelling through wilderness provides you awe experience.Ready with the checklist-first aid kit,One backpack, sturdy duffel bag,Sturdy shoes or hiking boots comfortable for walking,Camera,Light, water-resistant jacket etc. You can stay at the treehouses and further add nice memories to your trip.

        All you have to do is get ready with your planning,train or air tickets,room reservation to get here and enjoy the repose state of mind.

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Marine Drive – Mumbai


Morning walk across a cool and fresh air makes you feel new and beautiful in Marine Drive – Mumbai which stretches 3 km along the coast of Arabian Sea. The mist breaks with the sun rises as early in the morning. In evening, street lights along the road gives a dazzling look which seems to be rounded like a necklace, shortly called ‘Queen’s necklace’. It’s been accompanied with the wave that hits the rocks around the sea. As a tourist place associated with the old city name Bombay, Marine drive has completed about 100 years of its tenure for its constructions by British Governor ‘Sir Battle Frere’. Again the city had been blessed to rebuild it with two great architectural styles famously called as the Victorian Gothic and Art Deco. Mumbai’s art Deco buildings seem to be included with Marine Drive waterfront – the second largest cluster in Art Deco. Sitting along the coastal line and viewing the stunning waves with rhythmic breeze takes you away from the real world.


The Palm trees along the road side rounded with light lamps adds more beauty to the Marine path. People’s are willing to take a night ride along the path of Marine drive to Chowpatty (the oldest seafront) during sunset. The lights at night make the seafront more colorful and add extra beauty to the Marine path. Peoples of all ages like to have a walk along the Marine drive and children’s enjoy riding over the ancient games. The ancient games concludes with the Ferris wheels, merry-
go-rounds, fly-by-night astrologers, self-styled tumbler, snake charmers, and trained monkeys which provides the flavor to the bazaar. People over there enjoy in taking the roadside snacks out of which ‘Chowpatty Bhelpuri’ is one of the renowned snacks across the street.

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Exclusively for art lovers!

Mahabalipuram  is also known as Mamallapuram, is the place situated in the center of the state of Tamil Nadu. It was the capital of the Pallava’s kings. This World Heritage site was a seaport in its early days. The place was being known for great carving and temples at sunset when the sandstone turns into bonfire orange and blood red.

It is an attractive and memorable place, having tradition, holiness, history, western archives and modern importance. Mahabalipuram is also known as the temple city of Tamil Nadu. There are eleven excavated temples which are identified as Mandapas. This Mandapas is also said as two open air bas relief. There is one more temple which is a cut out temple called as “Ratha”. There are five Ratha Temple and one Shore temple also which is most famous.

Shore temple is one of the glorious rocks cut sophistication standing and overlooking towards the sea. It symbolizes the heights of Pallava’s structural design and the naval ambitions of the Pallava kings. Five Rathas are fixed from solo pieces of rock and low laying monoliths. Each temple is dedicated to a Hindu God and named on one of the Pandavas. On the entrance of each Rathas there is a figure of an animal mount of the God.

The first Ratha is on the name of Draupadi. It is also dedicated to the Goddess Durga who looks out at her people attending worship from as carved lotus throne while outside a huge sculptured lion stands as a guard. Behind the shrine of the Goddess there is a huge Nandi, who is the bull or vehicle of Lord Shiva. Second Ratha is Arjuna Ratha which dedicated to Lord Shiva. After that, the other Ratha is Bhima Ratha. After that is Dharmaraja Ratha dedicated to the Lord Narasimhavarman and the final is in the name of Nakula-Sahadeva Ratha which is dedicated to the Lord Indra and has a fine sculpture elephant standing nearby. There are other temples also which makes the visit memorable for visitors.

How to Reach :

It is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu; therefore the nearest airport is Chennai. It is connected by all the major states of India by numerous flights. International flights operate from various parts of the world to Chennai. The nearest railhead to the Mahabalipuram is Chengalpattu and Chennai. There are many trains to and from the destination. There are many bus facilities also provided by many travel agents. You can book your cheap flights online from any flight booking portal and cheap air tickets  are also available with many air ticket booking agents.

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Party like a rockstar in HARD ROCK CAFE Mumbai

Mumbai or erstwhile Bombay is a city alive with the rhythm of life.  Mumbai is a world hub of culture, music, and film. Where better to capture the spirit of thriving Mumbai than in the home of music – Hard Rock Cafe. India’s very first Hard Rock Cafe, the Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai Worli is the ideal venue for a night out with friends or family.Hard Rock Cafe ia a chain of theme restaurant with Restaurants, Music memorabilia ,Casinos and hotels .

HRC as fans would like to call it, boasts the best music-gigs, rock-centric ambiance, handcrafted drinks, legendary burgers and also local flavors!

If these walls could talk, they would whisper legends of rock and roll heroes and guitar phenomenons.Embellished with set pieces from world-famous musicians like Elvis Presley, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Led Zeppelin.With a backing band featuring some of India’s finest musicians tracks in  karaoke style , rock to  retro will make you enjoy to the fullest.

The game is always on at Hard Rock Casinos. Come try your hand on thrilling tables including blackjack, baccarat and poker. Or tap into thousands of the hottest slots on the planet, from the latest to the greatest hits. When you’re playing all your favorites, surrounded by the world’s greatest rock memorabilia collection you’ll get it. Hard Rock is the only place to come out and play.Between games, grab a drink and check out some live, world-class entertainment..Just about anything can happen at Hard Rock Casinos. You might catch your biggest winning streak ever. Or you might get really lucky and find yourself in the front row, watching your favorite band. No matter if you’d like to roll the dice, dine or rock the night away, get here. And get your game face on.

When you work up an appetite, HRC feature menus fit for a VIP.Fill your platters with multitude of dishes like  American, Continental, International, Mexican . You can dine in and rock out, right here. There’s a piece of the music for everybody, no matter what you like.

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Glimpse into 2000 years old town

Poompuhar also known as ‘kaveripoompattinam’ the Port town of Chozha Empire and the last well known king who ruled there was the Greate Karikala Chola.
Poompuhar is a town for those who like to wander amidst history and take a stroll through time.
Poompuhar is renowned for its handmade items.Numerous collections for  handicrafts lovers – Bronze art plate, brass lamps, brass miniatures, wood carvings, sandalwood products, wooden lacquer-ware, Thanjavur paintings, palm leaf products, Korai mats, batik prints, Kalamkari prints, applique work, stone carvings, cane products, Thanjavur garlands, papier mache, clay and plaster of paris products, pith products, musical instruments, Thanjavur cut glass and miscellaneous handicrafts.
there are lot of places to hang around.

poompuhar beach :the river kaveri merging with billowing sea .the blue expanse of water and  filled with tranquillity that gives you a peace of mind away from the hustle bustle of the city life. The beach has black sand which makes it look stunning. The beach also houses Silappathikara Art Gallery ,is a beautiful seven-tiered building of great sculptural value. Scenes from Silappathikaram, the Epic of the land have been given lively shapes in stones on the walls of the Gallery.

Zion Church: Built in 1792, this church reflects the rich Christian heritage of Poompuhar and is popular for its architecture.

Town Gateway: Reflecting a very prominent Danish architectural influence this structure was built in 1792.

Danish Fort: Today controlled by the Tamilnadu Archaeological Department, this Fort was built in 1620 and is visited by countless tourists each year due to the Archeological Museum which it houses.

Masilamani Nathar Koil: Though heavily eroded by the sea in a number of places, this temple built in 1305 by Maravarma Kulasekara Pandiyan, still manages to impress all the tourists to Poompuhar with its architectural richness.

Danish Governor Bungalow: Used as the residence of the Dansih Governor in 1784, this impressive buildings today controlled by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department.

Poompuhar, being a coastal area, experiences a hot and humid climate for most of the year. Summers get extremely hot, but the winter season which is from December to February has a cooler climate than the rest of the year. This is the best time to visit Poompuhar.

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