King Kothi Palace – Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a land of kings and royalty​,​ ​filled with many palaces, lakes ​and ​resorts. The first famous palace is King Kothi Palace. ​You will realize at first sight the exquisite architecture ​of palace ​with lavish rooms which includes ​beautiful sculptures, paintings and portraits. It includes antique books, rare manuscripts which reflects the glorious past of Hyderabad.

Very frequently referred to as the ​‘Pride of the Deccan’ – ​Hyderabad is one of the most spectacular cities in India. One young prince, ​Muhammad Quli ​was madly in ​love with a maiden from Chichlam vil – Bhagmati. ​He built a Charminar there and he renamed the village Bhagnagar​. This city later​​ turned ​out ​to be called by the name ​of ​Hyderabad.

The royal King Kothi Palace is ​an excellent piece of example of inspiration ​and influence of European Architecture. It was built by Kamal Khan and named it with the sign of “K K”. Later,​it was sold to Nizam when he expressed his desire for the palace. Nizam felt it to be a pride to have those abbreviations, so he passed a ferman and changed “ K K” to King Kothi which means Kings Mansion. Thus the name King Kothi was brought into existence.​

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